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British Montessori homeschooling for toddlers to 8 years old

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Home school Diploma course for Mothers
Introducing the Montessori Home Schooling Programme for toddler to 8 years old children
BMI offers a three months certificate course in the Montessori Homeschooling method. You will learn how to homeschool your child in the early years using early brain development tools designed by Dr. Maria Montessori by doing this course. Being a certified homeschooler makes homeschooling easier and more precise.
Along with online classes, BMI will support by providing with homeschooling kits which includes Montessori materials designed specifically for household use along with carefully thought Homeschooling worksheets designed by BMI trainers.

We home school your child!

Kindergarten Home schooling for children.
The living style has been changed in the world due to the affect by covid. The post covid times have put special marks on history. The old Education learning style has been replaced by the new changes of the nature and the world. BMI introduces kindergarten series programme for your child from 2 years to 8 years. The syllabus includes all practical working exercises, materials, instruction for giving knowledge for parents to guide the child properly in their home schooling. We develop, nurture and mold your children through yourself with our specially designed course materials and modules with adequate online follow up. We give instant support whenever required. We developed a special module for parents to guide your child properly all along with the training of BMI in home schooling. BMI gives the importance and the correct idea about good and bad of screen based learning and off-screen learning, especially both sides of mobile phone usage in education and entertainment.

All the Specially designed materials Of British Montessori International will be dispatched as Learning Tool kit as part of our course module. The same materials are used to learn the Montessori method for mother as well as the children are taught through this materials by parent.


British Montessori special Kit contains reading writing listening and speaking tool, British English learning association board, Surrounding board and puzzles, digitalized learning materials, mathematical and language books, Grammar learning system, vocabulary development tool, pronunciation kit, usage practice things etc..


Every material in the Montessori environment is designed to cater to specific needs of children at different ages of development. We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to use these materials in Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Culture and other activities. We provide special curriculum for the children and the mother.


Every week days we give training in accordance with parents’ suitable time schedule. Feedback sessions, doubt clearing sessions, Observation tool and child seed identification, nurturing tips etc. are given in the training programme. The training has two sides, one for parents’ other one for children. Both are managed simultaneously.


Order and continuity are essential for children and parents who thrive on the familiar while exploring the new. Hence, we will provide a detailed time table for seven days a week on how to produce each and every Montessori activity in the home environment all along with timely observation and correction


We create the real and virtual environment due to limitation of physical presence of child in the class room, same time we create a class room environment at home with our lab materials which we send prior to the home schooling begins and so the best happening is made by us to virtually come to your home and help your child to understand the philosophy and the pedagogy of the Montessori learning activity and make them best practices at home schooling with your child. We give the virtual training for parents and also give continues training and observation with your children development.


In Montessori home environment, that is prepared for the child to explore and learn the important as the school environment as we train the child and adult, hence we help you set up your home to optimize the home with multiple activities to enlighten the child with home schooling to make such a best experience as it never happened ever before in your child life. the specially designed BMI materials will help a lot in nurturing and molding the child.



  • Training and observation in practical life
  • Motor Co-Ordination
  • Nurturing through practical life.
  • Every day activities


  • Counting methods
  • Use beads and other materials
  • Number cards and rods based learning
  • Arithmetic table for calculations
  • Division, multiplication and addition with table.


  • Sharpen the senses through sensorial activities
  • Identify the intrinsic power of the child
  • Identify the mode of senses in learning
  • Sensorial Stimulation
  • EQ, SQ Classification


  • History, Botany, Zoology and Geography
  • Used Multiple type of materials based subjects.
  • Atlas, Continents, land, water, air etc.
  • Natural plant, animals, bird, other creatures.


  • Learning the phonology, sound and accent
  • Language materials based learning
  • LSRW special practical session
  • MPGVU way of Language Learning
  • NPLP Method of Language Learning
  • Use Surrounding environment board for language



  • How do Train and observe child in practical life
  • Motor Co-Ordination and psychological theories
  • How to Nurture child through practical life.
  • How to create positive habit in and self-dependent in everyday life activities


  • How to practice counting methods for practically learning mathematics.
  • How to use beads and other materials for further mathematical development.
  • Learn to use umber cards and rods for teaching Mathematics.
  • How to use arithmetic table for calculations
  • Teach the easiest method for division, multiplication, addition and subtraction with the help of tables.


  • How can mother help child in sharpen the senses through sensorial activities
  • Learn the way to Identify the intrinsic power of the child
  • Find out the child’s mode of senses in learning
  • Mother learn to give Sensorial brain stimulation of the child
  • Observe and do test in IQ. EQ, SQ Classification and help to maintain the emotions.


  • Parent Learn to teach History, Botany, Zoology and Geography
  • Learn to use multiple type of materials based on subjects.
  • How to teach different things like Atlas, Continents, land, water, air etc.
  • Use and create things to teach Natural plant, animals, bird, other creatures.


  • Learn to teach the phonology, sound and accent
  • How to use materials in Language learning
  • Tech the skill development in LSRW through practice.
  • Teaching theories of Language, vocabulary, grammar in practical way by MPGVU method.
  • How can mother use NPLP Method in Language Learning
  • How to use surrounding environment board for language


  • Child psychology, anatomy and brain development
  • Parenting training and observation chart
  • Create potential learning and optimizing the technique for children
  • Right deliver in home schooling with the content and materials provided.
  • How to balance Love and respect in child development
  • Person to person discussions and doubt elimination.

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