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Montessori materials are not only attractive or beautiful and inviting, but ingenious in developing the child.
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The sensory based learning tools and materials are designed for Montessori Education to provide children with modern environment to discover their personal potential and aptitude by giving opportunities through visual, auditory, olfactory and kinesthetic learning practice and repetition through sensorial and practical life materials with an independent learning.
Montessori materials are not only attractive or beautiful and inviting, but ingenious in developing the child. Children practice one activity at a time to allow the child to work independently and freely to master the intended skill and concept of the programme. The materials are also helpful for “self-correcting,” means the child is able to identify either they have done an activity accurately or the try again without fear or tension about the intervention from a teacher. While practicing with pink tower the larger block is stacked atop a tower of shorter blocks obviously the tower will fall down. Working with materials which will help to correct by self without any suggestion from anyone else. Gradually child make accurate in action in the class room as well as in the life. it helps children to cliff high the level of confidence and self-sufficiency and it will promote critical thinking, reasoning and logical development. Other way this sense of practice they become their own teachers and this skill that will last for life. Here are some of the many learning materials which will create a typical Montessori early childhood classroom
The Montessori method of education becomes more practical, easier and systematic only through specially designed and particular object oriented educational purpose materials help children to acquaint the objectives of each end every materials and activities. Thermic tiles and pink towers, Puzzle maps are made for sensorial purpose. Bead chains, number boards, arithmetic boards, bead frames materials are used for mathematical purpose. The sandpaper letters, movable alphabets, dexterity materials and movable alphabets are used as language tool with different colours. Practical life materials are used to develop child’s concentration, coordination, order and independence. The early child hood cultural materials encompass geography, zoology, botany, physical science and history. Globes, maps and atlas are helping to learn physical geography. The other globe helps to learn continents and countries. The Montessori materials are displayed in the Montessori environment in a specific curriculum area including: Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language, and Culture. Each material is displayed in a sequence from easiest to hardest, and from left to right in accordance with their developmental needs and interests.


Language is the software of the mind and the brain, thus scientifically proven software of human being is called linguistics. Touch, smell, listen and see and taste are the actions of five senses. Every human being understand, think and act by the process of mind. Brain will receive and act logically according to the messages that are sent by mind to brain. All communication between mind and other organs are done as by product of thought of human being, thoughts are passing through language of mind. Language is the soul software and the route of five senses. knowledge is the action of senses which are communicated (run) through language means, compiled with software. Language is the software of success, strength, courage, wisdom, confidence and many more. We learn, develop, grow, achieve, learn, earn through our internal and external language communication. British Montessori gives much importance for learning multiple languages because it helps child to grow intellectually. BMI teach language naturally and scientifically with system, tool, materials and activities.
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English Language

British Montessori developed an advanced Montessori language skill acquisition system for English scientifically and naturally as an International Language. BMI designed hundreds of students friendly English learning materials for schools, based on internationally accepted British Received Pronunciation standard system in listening and speaking. Materials are developed to set standard in English for reading, writing and uplifting children naturally and scientifically to the Oxford and the Cambridge level.

Mathematics, Science, and Culture

BMI gives the same focus on mathematics as given importance in language learning. BMI developed advanced learning practical equipment for mathematics. Name, shape, colour, size, numbers, positions, and qualities are the base of all studies. Time, place, manner, person, things and reasons are other sides of education. Language is the key of all education. Everything comes from the same and sub classified like science, mathematics and language. Learning techniques, methods, style, concepts, theories and ideas of all subjects and various sciences are practiced with British Montessori International next generation Education learning equipment.


BMI SRG Special twenty-four boards are also called surrounding board. These boards help children to practice Language and life naturally. This board includes puzzles, charts, blocks, and natural situations along with booklets to practice it in the class and help to work at home. It is also released for digital learning the language, explore and experience the surrounding virtually. Digitalized learning contents bring natural experience about life and learning subjects.


Montessori method of learning finds many difficulties in managing some special child, special situations, sometimes teacher itself not able to do things properly, also critical to convince the parents when the introvert child’s irresponsive attitude in learning and practical life or lack of language speaking at home in between the family members. So the Montessori concept of learning might be elaborated with the help of parent for the proper development of the child. BMI gives many option for trouble shooting providing with multi object oriented materials for learning. Unless Montessori method but BMI provides Montessori way of learning books for language, mathematics, culture, sensorial and practical life along with homeschool materials.


Pronunciation focused sound based language learning books series are distributed for listening, speaking, reading and writing. Advanced Language Montessori way of language learning books helps children to learn practical grammar, vocabulary and usage easily. Advanced books will help children to read stories, write sentences, listen short stories and speak English correctly, confidently, fast and fluently as an international language. Some additional colour blocks letters, card also used along with the printed materials.

Playschool and toddler materials

BMI provides Play school and environmental based surrounding activity materials and Furniture for preschools and toddlers’ playing, learning also for physical and mental growth activity materials are distributing on basis of demand to babysitting schools. BMI develops, manages and promotes Supportive surrounding materials and activity tools for preschools. Schools are seeking to develop garden, swimming pool, playground, sand and mud pool, swing, see saw, hide and seek, jungle gym climbing trees etcetera. BMI gives more importance on cultural activities like art, crafts, music and other activities like Marshal arts, games and so on. All such cultural needs, musical instrument and art and crafts materials are also provided.

Special Needs Educational Purpose Materials

BMI Special needs materials are used for Learning Disorder, Hyperactive, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, Autism, differently abled child, Concentration Development, Focus Development, Physiotherapy for learning organs and muscles growth and development, Speech and hearing therapy materials also provided according to the requirement of the organization and individual.

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