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Montessori school

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Do you want to upgrade your school?

Do you wish to implement the Montessori method in your schools? BMI can help in upgrading your school by training your existing teachers to use the Montessori method of education. We at BMI were established with the purpose of maintaining and promoting the Montessori tradition. BMI’s top priority is to make Montessori Information, resources and training more accessible to parents and teachers around the world. Get in touch with us to know how can we support your school.


  • Returns are not up to the level of expectation against the investment and running costs.
  • Admissions are not up to the level of expectation.
  • Want to standardise students globally with world class curriculum.
  • Finalising a suitable curriculum for implementation
  • Make competitions easier in business and in academics
  • To high grade the teachers and bring out the talent up to the maximum level.
  • To fulfill the constant upgradation requirements.
  • Inadequate development and support of every areas of school.
  • To make reach high the fame of school.
  • To promote the brand name high among the schools.


With the target of overcoming these challenges, we present a beautiful solution in early childhood education.
Here is how we successfully address these scenarios:
  • British Montessori International develops a premium customized Montessori Lab with one time setting up cost and continuous support.

  • BMI upgrades your teachers, students and school with our world class curriculum and methodology which will help you to impart quality education, thus turn to improve your admissions.

  • Our world class standardized child-centric curriculum helps for the best practices in establishing proper nurturing and molding of children along with the academic and cultural development.

  • Our academic experts provide comprehensive, continuous teacher training and support.


This solution offering will include the following components:
  • We give presentations, training, learning content with all the materials.
  • Design the Montessori lab for Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language and Culture separately or all together with material keeping furniture.
  • We help marketing the system, name of the school with the British Montessori method of teaching.
  • Scientifically designed learning materials are provided for home study.
  • BMI helps to overcome the challenges of parallel homeschooling system which runs in the market.
  • BMI Helps school to create more income through home schooling through latest methods and system.
  • BMI children friendly materials help to solve the most difficult experiences faced by teachers for managing Kindergarten children through online teaching where children found virtually inactive also physically absent.
  • BMI provides furniture for the school asper the requirement of the school area and the strength.
  • All levels of materials are provided by the requirements of school which have given in the material list for selection*
  • Other printed materials are given according to the demand of the school based on the strength of the school in a special cost.


We assist you in the following ways to set-up Montessori Lab in your school:

We design your kindergarten
school layout

We analyse your current school structure, method, and other procedures and we will help you to transform it to meet the needs of British Montessori International world class curriculum standard. We timely set up and function the lab while we give training to the teachers for transforming them to the level of expectation.

Providing the learning
materials and furniture

BMI provide scientifically designed and indigenously produced learning materials and furniture for your school with all support materials which will help learning more easier and deeper in short span of time with beautifully designed as child friendly and health focused.

BMI assist the school in teacher
recruitment and training

British Montessori Training and recruitment team always build up and fill the teachers pool with continuous training and recruitment in all schools where BMI systems are following. It is necessary to assist the school to run the BMI education system smoothly all along the way.

We train your teachers with
authorized certificate

BMI provides two systems for teachers training.
  • Continuous training for teachers who get enrolled in BMI training centre to become a teacher with an authorized certificate. BMI gives this training at teachers training institute at Dubai Knowledge village.
  • The requirement of school with present teachers or the recruited teachers for the school are given the same BMI training as part of the implementation of BMI Education system in the school.

Support in administration for
further development.

  • BMI provides support in academic, academic administration, admissions, parenting.
  • BMI provide daily timetables and guidelines to prepare the yearly calendar and also provide the required templates for each and every activity with training to complete these vital tasks.

Assisting to enhance admissions

  • Professional training and guide lines for managing more admissions smoothly and fast in a targeted time span with numbers.

  • Train teachers and staffs the tips of marketing to create the hype in word of mouth to the parents for generating more admissions.

  • Personal and professional balancing training programmes to synergize both teachers and staffs for smooth running of the school and to behave smoothly with all school related people to fame up the name of the school, thus the admissions will be increased.

Parent engagement

  • BMI trains your teachers on the strategies to work with the parents in order to support and enhance the learning and development of the child.
  • BMI provides specially designed learning supportive materials and training to assist children at home in learning.
  • BMI trains teachers and staffs to communicate effectively with the parents, aiming this will help school to convince the parents for taking decisions to admit their child with feeling as taken admission in the right school.

Continuous support in

  • Our team of academic experts constantly help teachers in observing the children and printing it on the record continuously as a report of the child, will help developing the culture, character and in academics.
  • Classroom management and techniques development
  • Observe and assess children’s behaviour, attitude, character, good and bad habits.
  • Find out the nature of learning and by help in nurturing, guiding and molding.
  • Give effective parenting and parent communication for both children and school upliftment.